An Original Party Idea

DSC_0598With four kids, I am always on the hunt for an original birthday party idea.

Today I attended a party so original I just had to share it with you.

It was our friend Jeremiah’s 5th birthday. He is also from a family of six, and the parents always do an incredible job at party planning.

It was a baseball themed party. They live very close to DePaul and planned the day around the woman’s softball game. If you couldn’t deduce, the stands were pretty empty so we had the run of the place for ourselves.

The stadium could not have been more welcoming. They greeted us with t-shirts and balls for all the kids.

DSC_0595They overlooked the fact that we brought in our own food, gave the microphone to Jeremiah’s older sister to sing ‘take me out to the ball game’ to all the fans, and the mascot practically camped out with us the entire time we were there.

Afterwards we played freeze tag and monster jail in DePaul’s quadrant. Finally we ended the afternoon with cake and free play back at their house. Gift bags were also very clever – DePaul temporary tattoos, a pack of plastic bases for playing baseball, and baseballs.

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