Puke Fest continues

It’s funny how each kid is effected differently with this stomach bug.

Ben had it so bad that it lasted 5 days. But Ben is an excellent sick kid. On the first day I had him laying in his bed by himself with the iPad. He came out to see me a bit later and when I went to tuck him in again I noticed he had quite nicely puked in the bucket I left for him. No big deal, he didn’t even think to mention it. He had violent diarrhea for days that never quite made it to the toilet but when it happened he didn’t complain or cry. Sometimes he would ask, “Why am I sick?”

At night he woke only once, but for hours each time with something coming out of either end. Then we were able to tuck him back into bed.

Sam only threw up twice. He seemed miserable for two days but slept a lot, in his crib, and was, for the most part, able to keep down fluids. He was better in three days.

Last night Jack was up every hour or two hurling. Adam “slept” with him on the floor of the bathroom all night. Each time he was sick he cried and complained bitterly. Oddly, other than last night he acts as if he’s not sick at all. I mean, he doesn’t have much of an appetite but he is still as demanding as ever. No sitting docile on the couch for this kid. In the past few months he has developed a huge fear of being alone. Which makes putting him down for a nap while trying to cover other kids impossible. As I write he is sleeping in the couch in the dining room, where I made him lay while I was feeding the twins lunch. Let’s all pray the intensity of the way Jack’s body reacted to this illness is in at odds with the length of time it will last.

Hold strong Aaron! Let’s hope you can make it through this untouched!

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