Field Trip & Flu Update

Today I chaperoned a field trip with Ben to the Farm at the Zoo.


“What animals do you want to see at the zoo, Ben?” I asked.

“Dinosaurs!” Ben replied.

Another preschooler named Eli chimed in, “There are no dinosaurs in the zoo because dinosaurs are instinct.”

I thought Ben must be getting better because they assigned me two kids instead of one. But as it turns out, I was assigned Ben’s buddy Abby. He really likes her. And as a result it makes him want to be a better person.

Having two kids made me realize how difficult Ben is. Abby very nicely walked next to me, holding my hand, actively seeking my hand and keeping pace. We were out for a nice stroll together to the zoo. On my other hand I felt like I was dragging a bowling ball. It dragged behind me and jerked about the entire time. There was one point where I had to threaten no more field trips if he wouldn’t hold my hand.

DSC_0567Still, it was nice to have the morning just with Ben, even when he’s at his worst, he is still adorable.

That afternoon we picked up Jack from school and he complained about his stomach. So far this evening he has thrown up twice. I have a feeling it’s going to be another long night…

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