You are probably thinking my lack of blogging must mean everything is great. That we are up to the normal schedule, nothing new and exciting to report. You would be wrong.

Wednesday night, after my ‘rare treat’ day, Ben woke up around 1am with a tummy ache. Adam tried to get him to puke in the toilet but it wouldn’t come out. Finally we settled him to sleep between us in our bed. That’s when he decided to throw up. This stomach bug has lingered on FOREVER. He has kept Adam and I up for an hour or two anywhere from 1 to 3 in the morning puking, having violet diarrhea, or both. And not just during the night but during the day too!

Last night I was hopeful it would end. My friend Gina was in town and we went out late for drinks. But once again he was up for hours on the toilet.

Watch out Gina, those are the two sickies...

Watch out Gina, those are the two sickies…

This morning I went in to get Sam, he was laying in a pool of throw up….

Did I mention that as luck would have it, our washing machine broke on Friday? Adam and I have piled a mountain of puke and poop filled clothes and sheets to wash when it gets fixed on Monday.

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