A rare treat

This morning Angelica came over early so I could chaperone Ben’s field trip. It was an outdoor venture, and as it happened, it was pouring rain, thundering and lighting. So the trip got postponed.

Which means I found myself with the rare opportunity of a day off.

I have been in service mode for so long that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

“Meet me for lunch.” Adam suggested.

What else? That only takes an hour.

I decided to beat down some of the old paths I used to walk before kids, including a pilates class. The instructor stopped and commented when she saw me.

“Don’t get used to it, I have a free pass today.” I said.

She asked how many kids I had now, then their ages. The entire class gave me back looks of shock and pity when they heard.

I had so much free time that I even took a nap.

My brain was not filled with constant cries, demands, and tattling. Which gave me time to think. You know what I realized?

1. I have a very good babysitter. The only other time I feel completely at ease when my kids are in someone else’s care are when they are with my sister. (And obviously my husband.)

2. Having time off is nice, but I don’t actually need it. People always say to take time for yourself so you can be a better mom, but time off doesn’t make me any less the grouchy, screaming mess that I am without it. I guess the times I do consider mine, the hour after the kids bedtime, the naps, the 30 minutes that my sitter comes and before I have to pick up the first kid is enough. I know I’ll have plenty more time later, this time passes so quickly I want to drink up every second.

3. Much as I hate our gym for it’s kid unfriendliness, today I realized at times it can be a blessing.

Sorry if it wasn’t super deep thought, people. Did you notice my byline? It’s not, “The Meaning of Life”, it’s “Mindful Drivel”…

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