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RochelleTrotter_2-inch-Sticker_GoldGlitter_highresLast night we attended a party for Rochelle Trotter at Tavernita. She is a finalist for the next host of Check Please.

What no more Alpana Singh? I didn’t realize she was retiring from the show. After a bit of googling, I found out she has been doing the show for 10 years already! Also, that she recently opened her own restaurant, The Boarding House. After perusing the website, I am definitely adding this to my list of places I want Adam to take me to dinner. Looks amazing!

Adam and I met Alpana once at a wine dinner. She was witty, funny, and full of life. I don’t think the show let us all see how lively she really is.

Now, if they are looking lively, then Rochelle Trotter is definitely the way to go.


Party favors.

Do you watch check please? Who would you like to be your next host? There are 17 finalists, Charlie said they whittled it down from a list of around 1000 people. You can vote here. I voted to Rochelle. Not just because I know her, but because I truly felt she would enhance the show. All the finalists wrote a blurb on the check please website. Hers was the perfect mix of humor, self assurance and unpretentiousness.

Is the blurb not enough? Want to see more? Rochelle is on Fox at 9am during the week now. It started as a once a week guest appearance for a Fox News Chicago’s ChatRoom, but she did so well that she is now on every week day.

With the Trotters and the Stones

With the Trotters and the Stones at Tavernita last night.

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