4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Cindy's famous cookie cakes.

Cindy’s famous cookie cakes.

This year we decided to switch it to a new venue, Welles Park. We are all getting older, which for the kids means less diapers, and for the parents it means weaker bladders, plus a pregnant lady – we needed a place with a bathroom this year!

The park was great, two playgrounds and large open spaces to play with the soccer ball, stomp rocket and kites we brought.

Also, a huge space for the easter egg hunt. Not sure about all squirrels, but the squirrels in this city park were super aggressive. The minute we put the eggs out they were grabbing them and eating them! I just hope the plastic doesn’t do any permanent damage. Luckily, even though we had close to 300 eggs, with 14 kids the hunt was over within a few minutes.

We let the younger kids go a few minutes early. I wasn’t sure which group Ben belonged to but I let him go with the younger kids. Good thing I did, because he decided to sit down and open each egg he got on the spot instead of grabbing as many as he could and opening them later. No amount of explaining could persuade him to change his method.

The Egg Hunters

The Egg Hunters

Compared to last year, when I only had 2 kids, I would have to say this year was much more stressful and less relaxing than in the past. I felt like I spent the entire day counting 1, 2, 3, 4 kids then swiveling my head and doing it over and over again. I don’t think I had a conversation with anyone, and I know when a few of my girlfriends tried to start one with me I walked away mid-sentence because a baby was crying, someone needed something or Ben was puking in the corner.

The twin's own play space.

The twin’s own play space.

Adam feeding Aaron.

Adam feeding Aaron.

Picnic (actually they just had Easter candy for lunch.)

Picnic (actually they just had Easter candy for lunch.)

Even with all the toys, the best game is always 'boys chase girls.'

Even with all the toys, the best game is always ‘boys chase girls.’

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