Twins at 11 Months

This month was another big month for change.

Perhaps the biggest was that Sam started walking. He can make it across the basement no problem. Aaron has taken about 5 steps in a row, but I’m sure this coming month will change all that.

The second biggest was that I weaned. They still drink a ton of formula and since I never had babies who drank from bottles before, I’m not sure how to faze formula and bottles out when they turn into one year olds next month.

Aaron now has 8 teeth, Sam has 6.

The twins have started to get a lot more chatty, even if they are not saying anything. Sometimes I catch them screeching at each other, as if they were actually having a conversation. They definitely know their names. When I say them followed with a NO! They turn and look, then grin impishly.

DSC_0392Aaron has become the dancer. Anytime there is music he’ll sway back and forth or pump is legs up and down when he stands to the beat.

They have also started wrestling each other, and anyone else who happens to be laying on the floor. If Ben lays down they will attack, slapping, rolling, and laying on top of him.

Sam is already fighting his naps. He will sit in his crib babbling sometimes for up to 45 minutes before going to sleep or crying.

DSC_0109There are many more new skills like opening toilets, and cabinets, and drawers. I’ve had to redo my kitchen cabinets in an attempt to keep them from pulling every single thing out of them. I’ll post pictures soon.

They love to play with a big orange ball. It’s half their size but they lift it up and throw it around, chasing it together. It’s super cute. You can see them doing it on my monthly video for March.

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