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Every baby has their own way of crawling or walking. It is thrilling to watch each kid find their own way when it comes to these important skills.

I remember having quite a giggle when my friend Pam’s second child started walking. His walk was unfortunately labelled, “Project Runway”, for it’s swagger and one hand outstretched to the side with a dangling hand.

These past few weeks I’ve been watching Sam walk. He is the first one of my kids not to go from one piece of furniture to the next, propelling himself in the hopes that he’ll make it there without falling first. Instead he stands up with the help of random furniture, then steadies himself and starts walking slowly, carefully. He keeps his elbows out to steady himself.

I have given his walk the title, “Circus Bear Walking.”



I can’t wait to see what style Aaron will bring us!

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1 thought on “Personal Style

  1. He’s SO CUTE! I still can not believe the twins (at least one) are walking! I still feel like I am in shock and you are pregnant with twins. You look fabulous, by the way! xxoo

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