The Master Cleanse Again

Before I start this post, I want to apologize to my subscribers for the double emails. I thought I had a problem with feedburner, my original subscription company, because I went online and it said I have ZERO people subscribed. Turns out it was a glitch, it’s all working fine. In the mean time I freaked out, signed up for a trial with feedblitz, then cancelled it. They let me cancel then informed me they would send my subscriptions out for another 30 days free WITH ADS. Thanks. I never agreed to that. Adam asked me if I read the terms and conditions. No, I didn’t. Does anyone read those? Anyway I went back and read them, and I’m still not sure they have a leg to stand on. I’ll have to show it a good attorney. Luckily I know one. I sent them a note asking them to stop, but subscribers might get double emails for the next 30 days. Sorry.

Okay, onto important things. Like my constant struggle with weight. Ha ha ha.

Now that the babies are weaned I have no excuse for this left over baby fat. It’s getting pathetic for people to ask me how far along I am and for me to tell them that I “just had a baby”. (Just a short 10 months ago!)

I knew my diet had to change. But how? The thought of restricting myself to 1200 calories a day for a year to get these last 10 pounds off sounded like a very long, hungry journey. Instead every day I kept putting off the calorie counter, and every day I ate too much. And every day I was unhappy.

I did some research on the internet. Seems like since the last time I dieted, things had changed. Atkins was out. Paleo and IF (intermittent fasting) was in. Neither looked that appealing.

I decided the best way for me to actually feel good was to shed the weight quickly, then watch my diet carefully after that. I know, I know, people say quick fixes never work. But what I wanted was a reset button.

Reluctantly I turned to The Master Cleanse again. You know the diet. The Beyonce diet. The Lemonade diet. You basically drink lemonade for 10 days.

Last Time I did this diet was 2 years ago for 3 days. I lost 7 pounds immediately. I gained some of it back, but overall I was pretty happy with the way I looked for the next few months, and I was much more careful about my eating habits until we started vacation, then I got pregnant.

I don’t think it’s the healthiest way to lose weight, but carrying extra weight, especially in your stomach area, it’s healthy either.

The Master Cleanse does not promote itself as a weight loss tool, rather a way to clean the body and be healthy. So I did feel a bit guilty that my reasons for doing this fast were dubious.

I started the cleanse exactly as you shouldn’t. They suggest easing into it by eating clean beforehand. The day before the cleanse, I cleaned all the cupboards of chocolate instead then went out for dinner with Adam for lobster tails, wine and a chocolate mousse dessert.

The first day of the cleanse I noticed how much mindless eating I do. Jack left a waffle? I’ll just eat it instead of letting it go to waste. Babies didn’t finish this muffin? I’ll just eat the other half. I would graze all that stuff then eat my normal breakfast too. I silently promised myself to be more conscious of stuff I put in my mouth after this fast.

The second day a huge caffeine withdrawal set in, despite that fact that I cheated and had a cup of green tea mid day. Both days, by the end of the day I was exhausted and couldn’t think clearly.

The third day I found myself weak in the knees, trying to play catch with Jack and Ben in the park in the afternoon. I realized that Spring Break was next week and there was NO WAY I could watch 4 kids (even with Angelica’s help) and fast. So, that evening I broke the fast.

I was disappointed I didn’t lose all the weight, but I felt sooooo much better instantly after eating. I don’t think I’ll do this cleanse again. I’d be surprised if I ever enjoy a glass of lemonade again either.

At least I pressed my reset button. So far these past few days I’ve been eating less and, mindful that I don’t want to fast again, I’ve been staying away from naughty snacks.

If I forget how hard it was, I’ll just refer to this blog post. Easier to calorie restrict, I think. Let’s hope it keeps up. Bathing suit weather is 3 months away…

Before, 127 pounds.

Before, 127 pounds.

3 Days later. 123 Pounds.

3 Days later. 123 Pounds. (and less pregnant looking)



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2 thoughts on “The Master Cleanse Again

  1. After I had Miller I went gluten free because he had eczema on his face and I swore it was due to the food I was eating, and it was. I lost ten pounds pretty quickly. When you can only eat fruits and vegetables, the snacking screeches to a halt and the pounds fall off. You can eat potatoes and rice, but no wheat products. I felt better and looked better. I have just started eating wheat again and feel fine. You could go gluten free – at least you will be eating more than lemonade. 🙂 Looking good though! One day at a time.

    • Thanks for the tip! This whole gluten free thing has definitely peaked my interest. I’ve been experimenting with baking with almond meal instead of flour.

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