Technology is not that dissimilar to your spouse. Most days they completely enrich your life and you can’t imagine how you ever lived without them. But occasionally, just occasionally, you want to strangle them.

Feedblitz did that to me last week. As I mentioned in my last blog, I signed up for a trial with feedblitz, then cancelled it.

They sent me and email confirming that I cancelled then informed me they would send my subscriptions out for another 30 days free WITH ADS.

After reading over the terms and conditions with my attorney. (Okay, my husband!) I was vindicated that no where does it state that they will do this.

Now my subscribers are getting double emails for who knows how long.

Does anyone else finding it ironic that my rant about Feedblitz today is being sent to my subscribers free of charge by Feedblitz itself?

The last time we had a problem with something on the internet was when we registered for our wedding on Amazon.com. They took our guest’s money, then never sent us the products, twice. Thank goodness we found out! Otherwise our guest might have thought I didn’t send them a thank you note. And as many of you know, I NEVER do that.

Okay, I never USED TO do that. And I still try my hardest NOT TO DO THAT. It does get hard with all these kids birthday parties to keep it straight. At Jack’s birthday, I could not figure out who gave him a beautiful Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle of America. Technically I did send a thank you note for it, but it was to the wrong person. If you are reading this and you sent me that gift, please let me know, I want to thank you.

Anyway, back to Amazon. I spent many frustrating hours writing back and forth to amazon and the third parties they worked with trying to get my stuff. Everyone blamed everyone else. It was always someone else’s problem.

Luckily Adam is an attorney and knew exactly who to rile up to get it fixed. I wrote a few letters with documentation, as he suggested. The next thing I knew, Lisa Madigan’s office AKA the Illinois Attorney General was calling me personally. It was fixed very quickly after that.

This time Adam sent me over to the Federal Trade Commission website. He told me to complain to them under the CAN-SPAM act. You can complain too, you know, if you have a similar problem. Do you have something you want to report? Here is the link Adam found for me: Report Spam. Free legal advice, people!

Now we sit and wait. Hopefully I’ll be updating you soon with positive news.

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