The Suburbs Train

Never one to sit idle, my imaginative, thoughtful husband came up with another fun fill day for all of us to enjoy.

He took us all on our very first Metra Rail ride to the suburbs. We see these trains all the time all around the city, but have never used one. Jack was very excited to finally see the inside of one.

We needed the handicapped row and two more rows for a group this size!

In fact, it was a train themed day. We took a 45 minute ride to Glen Ellyn to eat at one of the kids favorite restaurants, 2 Toots Train Whistle Grill. I wrote about this place before in my Father’s Day 2012 blog post. It’s so cute for kids. They have just the right amount of kitsch. Little trains deliver your food. They blow a whistle every now and then. You can watch the trains pass on the tracks right next to the restaurant. There are little 25¢ machines with cheap toys like bouncy balls. For dessert you get ice cream and a whistle shaped like a train. Thomas the Tank Engine plays on the TVs.

Ice Cream and Train Whistles!

It was another great idea for a winter day!

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