It took me some time to realize why I was extra tired this week.

I thought maybe it was Sam’s new habit of feeding between 3 and 4, then getting up for the morning by 4:30am. Or maybe it was because most nights this week Ben has called out and woken us up around 1 or 2am. Or maybe we just weren’t going to bed early enough? By the time the kids go to sleep Adam and I spend about an hour together if we are lucky. I’d hate to be unconscious during that precious time.

Last night I fell asleep before Ben when I tucked him in. This morning after dropping Adam at work I decided to stop at Whole Foods. When I turned around, both twins were asleep. I quickly locked my doors, reclined the seat and took a quick nap too.

Somehow Adam and I stumbled upon the antibiotics I was using to clear my mastitis. He read the side of the bottle.

Augmentin?” He said. “That stuff will knock you out. That’s the stuff she [our doctor] gives me when I have a sinus infection. You’ll have diarrhea in a few days too.”

Now I know why every decision I’ve made this week is fraught with tentativeness. When you are so tired, everything seems like such an effort.

The Twins with our long time Cleaner, Patricia

Oh well, I just have to make it the 10 day cycle. At least I don’t have a runny stomach. Augmentin never messed with the a girl who lived in China for years. It will give you bowels of steel.

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