A Normal Life

Sometimes I’m amazed how much we manage to get out and about now that we’ve become such a large family. That we can still live somewhat of a normal life. I know other people are surprised. I watch their faces, people who hold doors open for us in awe, like watching clowns exiting a tiny car.

Meli Cafe

This morning we managed to make it to breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, Meli Cafe.

Adam alternated between sitting and eating and standing up jiggling a baby to sleep, Sam was strapped to him the entire time. He also was feeding another baby at one point, then Japo took over. Ben and Jack ate okay, and if I ignored the poopy jokes I could say that Jack almost behaved well. Ben treated his eggs like playdoh and as a result had his chair turned backwards twice to sit in a time out. Aaron was an angel, no crying and playing nicely in his car seat the entire time. He was definitely switched at the hospital at birth.

In truth there is probably nothing normal about it. Couples without kids shrink away in horror. I’m sure we do more for birth control than any Planned Parenthood ever could. But still, going to breakfast on the weekends is something Adam and I did even before kids, so  it makes it all seem normal, even if it’s just the patina of normal.

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