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So, more talk about less sleep…

After my last blog I had another two nights that were pretty rough. So did Adam. In between feedings I heard Adam in Ben’s bed trying to get him to stop screaming at the top of his lungs at the ungodly hour of 3am.

Why do babies sleep ‘butt up’ like this? Looks so uncomfortable!

Both twins have now developed a thing where they cry out a few times after Anjelica or I have put them to bed every night. I usually go in and pat them on the back until they fall back sleep.

And Sam has developed an early morning, well more like middle of the night, wake up time. Sometimes around 3 or 4 in the morning he just wakes up and starts talking to himself. Loudly. Which wakes up Aaron.

As my friend Morgan pointed out, it’s probably time to do some more sleep training.

As far as the twins go, that means training Sam. If it weren’t for sharing a room with his twin brother, Aaron would be my only kid to sleep through the night with no training. He is such a calm, easy baby that I’m thinking perhaps he was switched at birth.

I remember how to sleep train for babies. Still, it goes against every instinct I have as a mother to let a baby cry. Even as I refused to pick Sam up last night when he woke up an hour after I fed him, I still walked into the room every 10 minutes in the middle of the night to make sure his foot wasn’t stuck somewhere.

I have no clue how to handle the older boys. At the point they can call your name and have the freedom to leave their beds, sleep training is lost on me. How do you get a kid to stop waking up in the middle of the night and screaming? I refuse to lock them in their rooms. I remember many years of running to my sister’s bed in the middle of the night for comfort. I was a real scaredy cat. How awful would it have been to be confronted with a locked door instead?

This morning I turned on the sound machine while the twins FINALLY napped together. I’m not sure if the sound machine works on Sam or the early wake up exhausted him but instead of his usual 45 minutes, he slept 2 hours. I woke up after an hour nap confused. I wasn’t waking up to any crying but naturally. It felt great. I take back my comment to Adam this morning, when I asked what kind of vacation time this job had, because I was ready to take mine.

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1 thought on “More on Less Sleep

  1. Oh you poor thing! I wish I could give you a night of sleep. There is nothing worse than no sleep. It makes my stomach hurt to think about it. Maybe you should have one of your more hardened friends do the sleep training for you. My sister did it for one of my other sisters. But yeah, how do you train those bigger ones? We use a clock that lights up yellow when they can come out of their room, but I don’t know how that will solve your middle of the night problems. I’ll send you link.

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