Meal Train

Last week I received an email letting me know my friend Sara is having two hip surgeries in the next month and would I like to sign up to bring her dinner?

They used a website called Meal Train. It is such a clever idea, I wish I knew about it after the birth of the twins. People could have organized with each other, without me involved at all! There were many people who wanted to bring food but felt awkward or didn’t want to push it on me. And I never pursued it because I was too tired. Also didn’t want to push back on them. It seemed wrong to say, “Hey, what about that dinner you promised me?”

As a busy mom of four, every single action I do requires that I do something else at the same time. So, how can I multi-task cooking dinner for a friend?

Well, when deciding on a date, I picked the evening that Adam had invited someone over for dinner from work. Cook for everyone at the same time!

Kebabs, Herbed Quinoa, and Grilled Peach Salad

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