E and J’s 5K Run

Last weekend Adam ran a charity 5K race. He often runs races around the city, but this one was special.

It was organized by 12 year old twins, the son and daughter of Adam’s long time friend Steve.

For their upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, they wanted to give something to the charity of their choice. Although it is recommended, an act of charity is not required for this rite of passage.

They chose the Anti-Defamation League, which mission statement is to “stop defamation of the Jewish people… to secure justice and fair treatment to all.”

No bikini clad car washes, like we used to do in our day. Or standing on the street corner begging for cash with a tin can. These two entrepreneurial kids pulled permits from Glencoe, organized metals, T-shirts, snacks, marketed and charted out a race which almost 100 people attended!

Still those numbers were no match for my super fast husband. Armed with his new Vibram Five Finger shoes he beat almost all the other racers even though he had the additional handicap of a double stroller in front of him! He placed third, only behind two high school track runners.

Ben napped while Jack’s eagle eye spotted every runner. He would point to them and yell for Adam to pass them.

Here is an article on it, Glencoe Seventh Grade Twins Raise $3500.

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