Twins 4 Month Check Up

Today Adam and I took the twins for their 4 month check up.

Sam weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds, in the 75-90%. Aaron, surprisingly, weighed in at 16 pounds, in the 50-75%. Aaron always seems so light compared to Sam, I’m shocked it’s only a 1 pound difference.

Another shocker was that Aaron’s little head is actually bigger than Sam’s!

How can Sam’s head be smaller than Aaron’s?!

They both measured 25.5 inches in height.

They took their shots like champs and are both passed out in their car seats as I write this. I still went and bought tylenol just in case.

The Doctor said they were perfect. Even Sam’s goopy eye isn’t a cause for concern until his 9 month check up. His tear duct is still closed in his left eye but his right eye has opened up.

Finally he talked to me about sleep. I’m so happy I go to this practice that cares about getting your kids in good sleeping patterns. Because last night I was up 3 times with Aaron and 2 times with Sam. After yesterday’s beach day I was exhausted and did not appreciate waking at 12, 1, 2:30, 4 and finally 5am for the morning.

Aaron keeps crawling up to the top, right side of his crib and bumping his head against it. It wakes him up and so I, in autopilot mode, go and feed him. Sam just fusses in the night, even though I know he can make it longer.

So, tonight I’m turning off the monitor. And closing the door. This way only if they are really upset will I hear them. Adam suggested I get drunk with him tonight and watch the Bear’s game before hand just to be sure I sleep sound. Or maybe he was suggesting that for other reasons…

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2 thoughts on “Twins 4 Month Check Up

  1. Your four month olds weigh as much as my 10 month old. Miller only weighed 17.5 pounds the other day. I am afraid I am going to get in trouble at his check up this month….

    Funny because Miller still has one plugged duct as well. Poor third and fourth child… Like we have time to rub their eyes all the time?!?! I am hoping it just miraculously unplugs at some point in the near future like the other one did. Let me know if the doctor recommends something to help it – other than rubbing.

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