It’s on like Donkey Kong

As my friend Laura always says, “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

And so it was – three days into the strike we were back in full blown summer mode.

Twins in the Pack and Play

Our friend Jenn threw down the gauntlet – A day at the beach.

These were some of the most fun days we had over the summer. They were also the most difficult to organize.

It takes me a good hour to make food, organize all the toys, towels, chairs, umbrella, repack the diaper bag, yada, yada, yada, and fit it all, along with a wagon, pack & play, and double stroller in the trunk of our car.

But at the end of every beach day I realize it was all worth it. Each beach day is a blast. Each beach day is completely different from the one before. Having the largest sandbox combined with the largest zero depth entry pool makes for endless possibilities.

As we did most of the summer, we invited Jack’s buddy Tim. Tim attended Jack’s preschool and also won one of the precious few lottery spots at his new school. A bit more work in the beginning to have an extra kid around, but a lot less work once we are there. Jack never tells me he’s bored and wants to go home when Tim is around. Ben loves him too.

Ice Cream Break

Much as I’m enjoying our endless summer, I’m a bit worried about how long they are out of school. I heard when the strike is over they tack the days the kids missed on to the end of the year. I just hope that June next year isn’t as hot as it was this year, Jack’s classroom doesn’t have air conditioning!

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