Strike Day 2

Pam’s idea to keep our kids really bored every day of the strike ended today. Let’s face it, we were given a bonus of time with our kids and other CPS kids during one of the most beautiful months of the year. Why not go out and enjoy it?

Emma, Angus and Jack

So, we met Pam and our other friend Jennifer at the Blue Park, the real name is actually South Lakeview Playground. Jennifer wasn’t there when we arrived, just her daughter was. Jennifer was at the doctor’s office on an emergency visit getting the acorn that her two year old had wedged up his nose out.

Angelica Feeding Sam

Otherwise it was a perfectly lovely day, almost like summer was still here. We had been given the gift of MORE summer! I just have to keep thinking of it that way when the kids are fighting with each other and I am at my wits end juggling them all.

One difference from summer is now Angelica instead of Kristen helps with the kids and listened to my non stop ramblings. I feel bad that Angelica, our other sitter, didn’t like her job and quit. But it’s such a windfall for me! I’m so pleased that I continue to get such great helpers for my kids. I’m very lucky.

Can’t wait to see what other strike days bring…

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