Teacher’s Strike

I must have jinxed myself this summer. Since the twins were born people often ask me how I’m doing. I kept telling them, “All I have to do is make it to September when the older two are in school, then I’ll be fine.”

Today was suppose to be Ben’s first day at school, Jack has been in school a week.

I had plans to redo the closets for fall clothes, clean up all the cabinets in the kitchen that are a mess, go back to the gym and start working out again, and so much more.

But right now I’m still sitting in my jammies at 9am and everyone is at home. Why? Because the Chicago Teacher’s Union is ON STRIKE.

So far I’ve been up from 2am – 4am feeding babies, then up for good at 5:50am with Aaron, then Sam 10 minutes later, then Jack 15 minutes after that. Ben brought up the rear around 15 minutes after that.

Adam kept trying to leave for work, but there were too many babies crying coupled with older kids doing naughty things. I finally got both babies down for their first nap and he exited quickly before another emergency emerged.

Luckily Adam had the foresight to hire the sitter for an 11am start instead of her normal 2:30pm arrival. I just have to make it until then.

My first instinct was to book a play date, but after speaking with my friend Pam I decided against it. She said she was trying to make it as boring as possible for her kids so that they would want to go back to school.

Probably a good idea given Jack’s first week at school. I’ve already been pulled aside by the teacher to talk about Jack’s behavioral problems. Apparently he does not want to do anything the teacher asks, refusing to move onto new activities when prompted.

Okay, two more hours to go until help arrives. Wish me luck.

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