Yesterday afternoon Adam’s Aunt Aloha and Uncle Ronnie came to see the twins.

They live in California and were in town for Aloha’s 50th high school reunion.

They are also proud parents of four children and every time they come to visit they are very good with all our kids.

Within a minute of them entering the house I had them both on baby duty.

I handed the kids over then, half jokingly said, “Well, I guess I can go now.”

Only the fact that Adam had taken the older boys out this morning kept me there, feeling refreshed and in the mood for conversation.

When Adam came back he said, “Did you rest?”

No, I didn’t. The twins were on opposite schedules so one was up at all times. But I still felt like he gave me a big break from the normal ridiculous hectic days I have during the week.

With only two around, I cleaned the entire house, did the laundry, prepped lunch and even make a zucchini bread. I had so much time. I can’t believe that I’m writing this, but only having two infants around was so easy! Please teachers, don’t strike!

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