White Sox Game

Who is the jerk that snuck into our family picture?!

Adam’s childhood friend and long time buddy Steve generously gave us his White Sox tickets to last night’s game. They were incredible seats WITH a parking pass.

The game was ‘Half way to St Paddy’s Day’ and they gave out green Sox hats to celebrate. The south side of Chicago is known for it’s big population of Irish and these hats plus the bag pipe procession before the game confirmed it. Jack thought it was hilarious that the men in kilts were wearing skirts.

It was a cool, crisp evening. One that reminds you that falling leaves, apple picking, and Halloween are just around the corner.

We hardly ever come to the south side of Chicago. Even though we were only a couple miles from home, the mirror image of the skyline made me feel like we were in a different city altogether.

This was my first time to Cellular field. As one of the mom’s from Jack’s school said – it’s like a shopping mall. And so it was!

I was very pleased with the food and wine selection. We’ve come a long way when I can get a choice of 10 different wines by the glass and eat a veggie burger at a ball park.

I loved how they shot fireworks off at the beginning of the game and for every home run. The kids waited eagerly for the next show.

Besides the fireworks, there were other things that made it much more friendly for kids. They had a kid area, “Fundamentals”, where they could bat, pitch, and do other things that we didn’t manage to see, due to a potty emergency. I guess it’s something to look forward to next time…

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