Embolden by my shopping trip yesterday, I decided to venture out for a play date this morning.

Here is what I felt I needed for a two hour stay at the park. The double stroller is already in the trunk. I’m pleased to say I used most of it.

Ben picked his outfit today and decided that 5 year old shorts and rain boots on this sunny, 85° day would be perfect. The twins look like they are second guessing the attire. I guess it was better than yesterday, when he decided to pick Jack up from school in his Hulk halloween costume.

Once again I was shocked at how well it went. Except for a bit of crying on the way home, the twins were angels. They didn’t need constant holding and played peacefully in the pack and play. Since I didn’t have a free hand, Ben very nicely held the stroller until we entered the park.

Pam helped me carry our stuff back to the car, but we made it there on our own and were all set up by the time everyone else arrived.

Max and Hamish Play with the Twins

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