The twins have just past their third month of life. I’m in awe how quickly they’ve grown and changed. And sad it’s happening so quickly. Because for the first time in my life, I KNOW this is the last time I’ll have a baby.

Their personalities continue to surprise and delight me.

Sam is such a bruiser. He constantly clenches his fist, fidgets and kicks his feet in the air. He’s going to have one strong core when he’s done. As a back sleeper, he kicks them up all night. It might be what wakes him up, or maybe it’s time for some sleep training. Last night he work at 12:45, 2:15 and 4am. I know he’s not hungry each time, just unable to get himself back to sleep without my help. He seems much more visual and vocal than his twin brother. Sometimes he’ll be on the play mat or in the car seat and I think he’s crying but when I go look at him I notice he’s just making noises, trying to join the conversation. He continues to be a roly poly, the folds of his neck need to be swiped daily and massaged with Aquafor to keep them from getting too red.

Aaron is much quieter. He can sit for hours without making a peep. But that is not to say he’s not practicing his own skills. He has already turned himself over. And just today I caught a video of him scooting himself across the play mat like an inch worm. The only thing spastic about Aaron is the way he eats. He likes to suck with a big smack, sucking down air with his milk while pulling on and off the nipple. It results in big burps and lots of gas. He sleeps on his tummy. He also seems to have figured out ‘sleeping through the night’. The past three or four nights I’ve only had to wake once to feed him, somewhere between 4 or 5am.

As for Ben, we are 10 days into potty training. Today was the first day he actually pooped in the potty. I happen to have 30 minutes free at the right time this morning to sit with him until he went. He also only had one accident at the end of the day. He will produce a pee every time I take him to the potty but he will only go potty if he is asked too. He has yet to run to the bathroom on his own. It’s a start. Let’s hope we can finish before school. Tick tock, tick tock.

Jack’s big development this week is to stop bathing and start showering. I’m not sure if it’s a phase or he’s just grossed out by the fact that Ben still pees in the tub.

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