The Great Toy Clean Up

For months we have been throwing toys in whatever bin is closest. The chaos was getting to me. The kids as well, how many times a day did they ask where this toy or that toy was? We were unable to play with half the toys because of all the missing pieces.

For a few weeks I’ve been selling the idea of ‘The Great Toy Clean Up’. How fun and exciting would it be to sort through all the toys and find all the missing stuff?!!!

I kept telling Grandpa Devensky how good Jack was at sorting things with wheels. In front of Jack.

I was hoping all this talk would psych them up to help clean up this huge mess.


So Jack and I dumped all the bins. Ben, surprisingly spent quite a long time sorting things. He wasn’t very accurate, which led Jack to police him, which led me to yell at Jack, which led to Jack not helping anymore.

In the end it was Adam and I walking the basement a thousand times over, dropping things in different bins. Besides the joy Ben got every time we found another miniature toy for him, it was not fun. Neither was cleaning up the three times Ben peed on the carpet this morning. Adam jokingly asked me who the idiot was who bought the kids all these toys.

But I’m pleased to show this picture, after FOUR HOURS of sorting…


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