Holstein Park

I think this is the last summer I’ll be able to cart Jack around all summer long checking out different playgrounds. Unless there is a play date waiting for him, he tells me how bored he is and can he play games on my phone? The answer is no, no video gaming at the park. A bit of boredom eventually leads to him finding something to do that uses his motor skills and tires him out for the day.

No Matter Where We Go, the Twins Attract a lot of Attention

Yesterday at Jonquil Park we kicked the soccer ball around, the play structures and water element were not enticing to him.

Today I tried a new tactic, a new park! I found it on my friend Mistie’s iPhone app, Playground Pointers. It’s got tons of pictures of parks in Chicago and lots of information on each park to help you decide. It’s well worth the $.99 if you have kids in Chicago.

Kompan play structure

I settled on Holstein Park in Bucktown. It has one of those more unusual Kompan play structures that I thought would hold his interest.

It also had a wading pool which oddly was closed most of the time we were there, one spray spout and a full on fenced off pool which seemed to have pockets of open play for anyone, mixed with camp time and adult lap swim.

We stuck to the park, climbing, swinging, collecting crab apples, picnicking and treating ourselves to ice cream from the ice cream cart.

Spray Area

It was fun to check out something new and different. The only thing I didn’t like was the two entrance areas were completely open. Made watching the kids just a little more stressful. I prefer my parks to be fully gated off.

Still, it was fun to be somewhere new, think I’ll be searching my new iphone app for more places next week.

For the google map, click here: Holstein Park

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