Laurie Berkner on stage

Saturday we packed up a picnic and headed to the suburbs to see Laurie Berkner at Ravinia.

Ravinia is famous for it’s summer concert series. Performers such as James Taylor, Seal and Diana Krall grace the stage. There are also a bunch of kids performers on the weekends.

We fit right into the suburb crowd. We pulled up in our large minivan and unloaded our strollers, cooler, and wagon. Every other car was a large car like ours and every other family was pulling their wagon out of the trunk too. It was like a scene from Edward Scissorhands.

I forgot how elaborate the picnics can get at Ravinia. I spent some time packing food. We also had chairs and a blanket. But when we got there we saw catered food, collapsable tables, skinny girl martinis. All for a one hour concert!

We also brought a soccer ball. There was a huge open space to play in, but when Adam brought the kids over there to play they told us it was too crowded for balls today. Another reason I am so happy we don’t live in the ‘burbs. In the city, no one would care. It certainly wouldn’t be staffed so much that someone had time to pick on a couple of kids playing soccer.

Still it was a beautiful day and the kids don’t need much more than a big open space to run in to make them happy. And some ice cream.

Next time I go to a kids concert I’ll remember to get there early. The park opens at 10am. The concert was from 11-12 and they closed the grounds at 1pm.

Picnic at Ravinia

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