Auntie Doris’ Turn

Auntie Doris with Aaron

My Aunt Doris arrived on Sunday to take her turn helping with the babies. In the past, whenever I’ve had a baby she’s come for a week. This time I bargained two weeks off her, claiming that I need more time since I have twins!

So far it’s been trial by fire. The first day we left her alone with the twins while Kristen and I went to a water park all day. I thought she’d be overwhelmed but after all the kids were in bed she offered to babysit so Adam and I could go out for a drink. So nice to pop out of the house and sit, face to face, across from your husband. We were only away about 1 hour and 1/2, too little time to hire a sitter but just enough time to catch up. If we were home we would not have sat down with a glass of wine and enjoyed each other’s company. Time is so precious, there are so many kids to deal with. Any free moment at home is a time to get some overdue task done or sleep.

Tummy Time for Aaron and Sam at the Pritzker Place Space

I’m not sure what my Aunt did while she watched them during the day but I woke up in agony around 2am. Okay, Jack woke me up, needed to go to the bathroom. Then he crawled into our bed. Both twins were still asleep so I laid there thinking they must wake up soon to relieve me. By 2:30 I got up and pumped. I couldn’t stand it anymore. The first twin didn’t wake until 3:45am! The next one 4:30! I hope she can get them to repeat the pattern tonight!

Jack and Kaden

Today we met up at the Children’s Museum with one of Jack’s buddies from school. Even with three people watching four kids, two who can’t walk, I still managed to lose Ben and Jack at times.

He's not my child!

We had a great time, especially Ben who decided at one point to lay down in the middle of the museum and stick his hands in his pants.

We saw our friend Mistie there. She has 3 girls the same ages as our kids. In fact we were on the same floor of the hospital at the same time for the birth of the twins/her daughter. She had a helper with her too. I must remember to tell Adam that no matter whether we had three or four kids, once you move past two kids you need more hands. I guess in that sense it’s a bargain that we had the last two at once!

Tuckered out after a Long Day

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  1. love this picture!! Kaden and Chase did not do the same 🙂 Though Chase was down for the count five minutes after I got them home 🙂 The boys (and myself) are looking frward to seeing you guys soon 🙂

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