Sheffield Garden Walk

Adler and Ben on the Pig Train

I absolutely love Chicago in the summer.

Something is happening all the time.

Today we hit the Sheffield Garden Walk. Not only is it a street festival, but it is also a garden walk. Another thing I’ve never seen anywhere else but in Chicago. Only here would people be trusting enough to open their doors to complete strangers, letting them come into their private grounds to look at their garden. For this garden walk, over 100 people opened their doors.

We didn’t walk the gardens, don’t think the kids would get much enjoyment out of that. I can just imagine Ben trampling people’s hard work in one second.

We did hit the kid’s corner, which had a moonwalk, a pig train, kiddie ferris wheel, petting zoo, and a pony ride. Also face painting, tattoos, and an activity center where you can decorate sun visors and butterflies, create crowns, and design masks. Even Home Depot had a booth where kids can make wooden crafts like frames for free.

Jack Riding the Pony

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