Long Days, Short Years

Someone once told me that when your kids are young, the days are long but the years are short.

I must say, this is a very true statement.

I can’t believe how much we can pack into one day, even with four kids. By the end of each day it seems that the morning was so long ago it might have been a different day.

Friday we managed to do so much! We dropped Adam at work, had a play date with Pam and Elissa across town, picked up Jack from camp, had everyone take a nap, swam at the pool for well over an hour, and had dinner at the club!

Dinner at the East Bank Club

Saturday Jack and I made muffins while Adam paid bills and cleaned up around the house, then we hit a park, went to lunch, napped all the kids, Adam sent me out in the afternoon shop and just spend some time without kids (yes, he actually suggested I go out shopping! Crazy man suggested I leave him alone with four kids and go out and spend his hard earned money!), then went to dinner at our friend Tami and Eddie’s house.

Soccer at the Park

Drinks and Dinner on Tami and Eddie's Deck

Still, when I look at Jack I feel like he was just born yesterday, yet he is already 5 years old. Makes me want to snuggle the twins as much as possible. My last babies! I must get as much cuddling out of them as possible before it’s too late!

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