Lego Camp

On a tip from my friend Cynthia, we booked Jack at Lego Camp, put on by Green Apple Camps.

Airplane Jack Built with Motorized Blade

Her philosophy on summer this year was to tell her kids which camps were available and let them choose which ones to sign up for. I loved how she let the kids decide how to spend their summer. I am definitely going to do this for them next year.

A week before camp was suppose to start another friend, Becky, said the reviews of that camp were horrible, “just a bunch of kids sitting around a bucket of Legos.”

I was worried.

I need not concern myself, though because Jack loved it. The first day they built an entire airport with luggage cars and planes to go with it. One day was all about cars. Another day, trains. Jack was in heaven. Whole days devoted to transportation vehicles! He’s so obsessed with means of transport that when we clean the basement he insists on picking up only things with wheels.

Jack and his friend Benny on Train Day

Definitely something I would sign Jack again for next year…

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