Ladies Night

My girlfriends Pam and Laurie have been trying to get me to go out for drinks for a while. Since the twins were born they let me know that they were on call for a night out whenever I deemed myself ready.

I told them they would be waiting a while. Perhaps indefinitely.

Laurie took my response at face value and let it be. But Pam dug deeper.

What was keeping me from coming out? She wanted to know.

I narrowed it down to two problems.

1. I can’t leave Adam with four kids. I can barely handle four kids on my own.

2. If I manage to get all four kids asleep, or at least two of them, then I want to go to sleep. I don’t want to stay up during those few precious moments I could be getting some rest.

Pam, as she often does for me, came up with a practical solution. I can’t tell you how may times she’s listened to me rant about something then fixed it for me with a simple, obvious idea that I should have thought of myself.

Come out with us, come out early and bring the babies. Laurie and Pam can help hold them if needed.

And so we did! Thanks for making it possible, Pam!

J Alexanders

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