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Ben in the Ideas Factory

This morning Kristen and I took all the boys out to the Museum of Science and Industry.

It always amazes me how much attention the twins get. Since Ben is a real momma’s boy at this age, most of the time I’m with the older boys while Kristen pushes the twin stroller.

She gets stopped constantly. It’s gotten to the point where she answers the questions as minimally as possible in an attempt to move on.

Most of the time the questions are comical. Perhaps people are just looking for an opening comment, an opportunity to talk and it’s all they can come up with.

“Are they twins?” People often say. Duh. How else could we have two infants at the same age in one stroller?

“My you have your hands full!” Yes we do.

Sometimes they ask more questions, assuming Kristen is the mother. Kristen is 22 and looks even younger than that number. And she’s rail thin! She gave birth 2 months ago?

While we were in the elevator leaving the submarine exhibit, a family behind us started to ask questions about the twins.

This time instead of rushing through the niceties while chasing Ben, we were all stuck in the elevator and I was able to study the mother’s face. I noticed her confusion, then the look of an ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Then I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment.

She thought we were a lesbian couple! Of course she would!

We had twins. As lesbians we would have had to have used artificial insemination which would have increased our odds of twins. And we’ve just finished answered them as minimally as possible. If you had an alternative lifestyle you weren’t sure someone approved of, wouldn’t you do the same?

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