Nature Museum Bike Exhibit

Bike Exhibit at the Nature Museum

The temperature high today was 105°, so we decided to pick an indoor venue for the morning activity.

We checked out the new bike exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. I had heard from my friend Cynthia that it was quite cool for boys. They definitely enjoyed it. Bikes to mount, bikes to fix, lots of stuff to touch and look at.

Unfortunately it was Thursday and summer, so everyone else had the same idea as us. Including a bunch of summer camps.

It got busy and the rooms are all open, some with multiple exits. Most of the time it was quite manageable with three moms, one helper and eight kids. There was one point where I was herding the two five year olds down the stairs while breast feeding Sam in the one arm and carrying Ben in another. The other moms & helper had the rest of the kids and were meeting us downstairs via the elevator with the strollers.

Otherwise it was a great day for the kids. I highly suggest a visit if you are looking for something new and different to check out.

More Bike Stuff to Play With

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