Summer Helper Starts

Jack Under Water with Angus and Max

Even though Jack’s school finished on Wednesday, it really only feels like summer started today. I think it’s because today is when my summer helper, Kristen, started working for me full time.

I’ve never had full time help before. In fact, besides the occasional Saturday night sitter, I never had another person looking after my kids. I certainly never needed an extra set of hands while still being present. But with four kids we need four hands. And sometimes that’s a bit short!

If you’ve never had it before, it is an odd feeling having someone else around during the week to work with you raising kids. When Adam is here on the weekends we make decisions together. But hiring someone is different. You are in charge. I’ve never been in charge of anything. Even when I got to a management level at work, it was mostly just a title for show. But as everyone I know who has help says, you get used to it real quick.

The Playdate Moms and Kristen

Today was much more than I could hope for. There wasn’t a single awkward moment. Kristen is very easy to be around. She is hard working, with a youthful energy. She let’s the kids know she is in charge, yet she is playful. She is always looking to see what else she can do to help. She can handle the rambunctious older kids, she can snuggle the babies.

This morning I left the older boys with Kristen while I went for my 6 week check up with the twins. My cesarean scar isn’t as pretty as it was the first time. There is a bump of skin that puffs out over the incision, apparently my doctor says it doesn’t go away. There is also a section in the middle that is still red and pusses out stuff. This morning my doctor numbed it up and cleaned it off. I think she took an extra flap of skin off? Then used nitric sticks to try to close up the area. It’s a bit sore now but hopefully it’s fixed.

After the doctors office I came home, breast fed the twins then traded them for the older kids. We went to the grocery store. I bribed them with the promise of donuts. They sat nicely in the cart trying to get me to buy naughty snacks. I tried not to acquiesce but I did end up with some caramel popcorn. I came home to find Kristen had cleaned up the basement – a task I was trying to do for weeks but never could find the time.

More good news is that Kristen is a vegetarian. A bonus which is going to slim me down this summer for sure. I am so excited to cook out of my vegan cook book again and have someone actually appreciate and want the food. And I’m ready for people to stop looking at my abdomen and asking me when I’m due.

On the Seesaw with Ben

We also managed to fit in a play date this afternoon at Weisman Park with a few of my girlfriends. Today was a scorcher and we needed somewhere with a water spray.

At the end of the day I showered with the older boys before dinner while Kristen bathed the babies. I was very happy to find myself showered up and in my jammies by 6:30 and, as Kristen said, “Living the dream.”

Yes, I’m going to get used to having all this extra help around real quick for sure!

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