Exhausting & Long Day

Friday night was another rough one. Adam was exhausted from waking up at 2am that morning to start work, and by 10:00pm we were still holding a baby each, trying to rock them to sleep so we could put them in the crib.

By 10:30pm I had mine in the crib but Adam, no luck. He suggested he just sleep with the baby on his chest as we used to do with Jack. But that would mean he would be woken shortly for another feed. I took the baby from him and said, “Go to sleep. No need for both of us to be up all night.”

And up all night I was. I fed one baby after the other from 12 to 1am. At 1:15 in the morning Ben ran out of the room looking for me and I took him back to his room and laid in his bed until 2:30am when one of the babies started to cry again. I was up feeding them both until 3:15am. At 5:30 in the morning they fed again and were up for the morning. Jack was up by 6:30am. I heard Ben again at 5:15 but Adam managed to get him to go back to sleep until 7:30.

We had a full day planned for Saturday. Eye appointment at 10am, Costco, kids birthday party from 1-3, pedicure at 5:30 so I would look presentable tonight, then the sitter was coming by at 6:30 to help my mother so Adam and I could go to our friend’s 40th birthday party which started at 7:30.

Adam's New Twin Carrier

I was hoping Ben’s sleep in would mean he would be in a better mood. Having twins has hit him hard. It doesn’t help that it coincides with the ‘terrible two’s”. Our sons must be late bloomers because the ‘terrible twos’ seem to start closer to age three. Lately he’s taking to flopping his body down anywhere and kicking and screaming in a full out tantrum for no reason at all. I mean, there is always a reason, but the response doesn’t match the reason. Like today at the party he was upset his juice spilled. He cried for over an hour on the floor at the birthday party. Kicking and screaming and throwing pizza. It was very embarrassing. Finally Adam took him to the car until the party was over.

I was hoping Ben would sleep but I arrived to the car to find 2 hungry babies and one screaming toddler. Jack and Adam walked across the street to Target to get diapers while I tandem fed the babies in the front seat of the car. A baby resting on each leg, one hand holding a blanket over me, while alternating flipping them over my shoulders and burping them. Ben cried the entire time.

Adam and Jack returned to the van bearing a gift for Ben. A huge icee! He promptly stuck his hand through the top, spilling it all over the car seat. Then he dumped it in his cup holder. Then he dunked his teddy bear in the cup holder.

Ugh. Can’t wait for the sitter to show up tonight. I would love to just go on a complete bender tonight, but I need the breast milk and I have no free time to recover.

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