Booking Sleep Time

Yesterday was not a bad day as far as sleep is concerned. And nowadays, it is my primary concern!

Most mornings I wake up for the morning around 6am, on the couch with two babies on top of me and the sound of Ben’s feet running down the hallway towards me.

Thursday morning I woke up to the sound of my mother’s footsteps around 6:15. She came and sat next to me, but I quickly passed off a baby to her and told her to go downstairs so I could sleep. Amazingly the back rooms of our house were quiet until 8am.

I was so pleased to think the boys finally slept in so Adam could get some rest. He still wakes most nights with Ben, and sometimes Jack, but no one has sympathy for him. He never gets any naps. If there is a nap time available, he always defers to me. Good man. Tired man.

Unfortunately for Adam, the pitter patter of feet I heard coming from the back room around 8am was two fully dressed boys sugared up from their early morning foray to Starbucks. They snuck out to give me some extra rest.

That coupled with my afternoon nap in the gym sleep room (I booked Ben from 2-4pm and Mom watched the twins) put me in a good mood for once.

Adam had a work dinner Thursday night so Mom treated the kids to McDonalds.

No cooking or dirty dishes plus sleep! What a great day!

Beautiful Day at the East Bank Club

It meant had the energy and time to run around with Jack and Ben playing hide and seek after dinner. I often suffer from guilt that, since the twins were born, I yell so much more at the kids than playing with them. But at the end of the day Thursday I fell asleep with a clear conscious. For about 45 minutes, then it was time to feed again. Ha ha ha!

So I tried it again Friday afternoon. I brought both kids to the play room at the gym then Adam joined us at the pool. Mom watched the twins. Again I was able to play uninterrupted  with the older kids while only missing one feed.

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