Mother’s Day 2012

Jack's Mother's Day Present

In the past I was very respectful of the fact that I am just one mother in a long line of mothers in front of me.

But this year, as a new mother of four, I very selfishly kept the plans for the day completely for myself.

In truth making any sort of plan for the day with six different people is daunting. Trying to add any extra people into the mix is mind boggling. I’m starting to realize just how much our mobility will be effected by our new additions.

Adam did the perfect thing this morning. When the older kids woke at the crack of dawn, he rushed them out to Starbucks so I could sleep longer with the twins. When I woke up they were at Adam’s Park. I said, “Great, I’ll meet you there.”

Adam and the Twins

Adam said, “We’ll come get you.

I said no, I can just walk over. He replied, “How are you going to get the kids in the stroller? We’ll come back and pick you up.”

They came back to pick us up but we still didn’t manage to make it back to the park until 1pm!

These first six weeks after the Cesarean have been a lesson in humility. I have always prided myself on independence, but until I stop taking the pain meds I can’t drive and until my scar heals (six weeks after the surgery) I can’t lift anything heavy.

I’ve also realized I can’t be alone with my 2 year old, Ben, and discipline him in any way. If he is naughty all I can do is ask him to get in the time out chair. If he doesn’t go I can’t lift him up to put him there.

Ice Cream at the Park

Luckily Adam has been super helpful and soon my family members will arrive in shifts to help me throughout the summer.

Mother’s day this year couldn’t have been more meaningful for me. Besides my wonderful bouquet from Jack, his school put together a book of favorite recipes. The kids tell the teacher what they like best of their mom’s cooking. The recipe book is a collection of favorite foods from each kid and so all the other parents see what the other kids say. With the lead up to the birth I’ve been a less healthy cook than I would be normally. And Jack caught me out, his favorite recipe was pillsbury store bought biscuits. Ugh.

Otherwise I recently saw the Hunger Games with my friend Lottie. Such a good movie! I was wondering how it could possibly be a trilogy. Adam got me all the books, iTunes credits (you can never have enough!) and the promise of some much needed new sunglasses.

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