Double Baby Carrier

Jack Playing Chase with Papa

Today we ventured out to the park for the first time, all six of us.

Unlike in the past where we showed up promptly at 9 am and played until lunch, we only managed to get there by 12. Luckily Ben and Jack don’t need a nap most days, and all Sam and Aaron do is nap, so we had the whole afternoon to play.

It was a gorgeous day, and after 4 days in the hospital followed by 4 days of errand running for the bris it was wonderful to be back at the park with the kids, soaking up the sun and picnicking outdoors.

Ben Calls them 'Donuts' and Eats Fistfuls of Sand

Before the twins were born, Adam asked me to do some research on double carriers.

I must admit I’ve never seen woman in the park with twins holding two babies at once. Perhaps because this very quickly becomes unsustainable. How many pounds of baby can you comfortably carry?

For now it’s still a lot less than what I was carrying before they were born. But I would imagine within three months I’ll find carrying two babies too difficult.

But for now, I found this tutorial for twin moby carry on youtube. I tried it, it worked great!

Using the Moby Wrap for Twins

Holding Hands

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3 thoughts on “Double Baby Carrier

  1. So sweet nik again u are pushing the boundaries of wonderful mothering!!! I would have them
    In their carseats parked by a bench!!

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