It takes a Village…

…or perhaps a small army of friends and family to lead any sort of normal existence these days.

View looking down most days (neither kid lets me put them down)

Since I can’t drive, Adam had to come home to take me to my Ob/Gyn appointment today. Jack was at school so we were down to three kids. Ben fell asleep in the car on the way over so instead of us all going to the office, Adam stayed in the car with the three kids while I ran out to my appointment. Luckily they all slept for him and he was able to get some work done.

The doctor cleaned up my cut and put some stuff on it to close off the bit that was slightly open. Otherwise she said my scar is healing great, and had me reschedule for the 6 week postpartum check up.

Afterwards Cindy and Pam called me to see if I wanted to join them at the park. I did, but I couldn’t drive there or walk long distances with 4 kids so I was stuck. Luckily Cindy’s husband had her kids and she was nice enough to load all my kids into our mini van and drive to the park for us. I’m not sure if she’ll do it again, though. Both Aaron and Sam spent the entire car ride bawling.

While at the park my friend Marie spotted Ben doing his signature move in the sandbox – eating fistfuls of sand. She told Pam who fixed the problem, wiped him up and got him out of there. Pam and Cindy also took turns watching my other kids and holding babies while I swapped out the twins for breast feeding for the majority of the time I was there.

Finally we got home to find a hot cooked meal from our friend Lauren Marks down the street. Perhaps the most delicious brisket I’ve ever had. The stuff literally melted in my mouth. I can’t wait for left overs tomorrow night!

Lauren Mark's Brisket

Sadly, even with all the help I didn’t manage to even take a shower today. As I sit here typing this Adam is passed out on the couch with Sam on top of him and I am typing one handed with Aaron asleep in my other hand.

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  1. I am soo greatful that you have friends close and family coming. I so wish I could be there for you! I have been praying for you and I know you are the right women for the job. You are so very blessed. Much love to all 6 of you. PS. The hunger games books are pretty good. Chris and I both read them and are looking forward to the next 2 movies.

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