Day 2

The Double Snuggle

My milk still hasn’t come in, so I continued to use the infant feeders today. Both boys ate a ton, but now they are on completely different schedules. In the hospital during the day with nothing else to tend to, it’s nice to feed them separately, but I’m worried I’ll be up all night tonight if I can’t synchronize them.

Yesterday Cindy came to visit the boys and brought flowers and huge, chocolate cookies. I think the cookies are what’s keeping my older two boys visiting every day. They have eaten most of them and love to leave a trail of cookie crumbs for the cleaning staff all over my floor. 

A Visit from Hedy and Elissa

During a rare moment of calm, Hedy and Elissa stopped by and held the babies for a while. It was an odd feeling to sit with my mom friends and have uninterrupted conversation. I definitely don’t do it enough.

Meanwhile Adam is managing all the chaos that comes with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Every day at some point they come bustling in, throwing around the new toys Adam spoiled them with that day, demanding, fighting, crying, kicking, falling off window ledges and today Ben choked and threw up all his dinner then slipped and fell in it. He must have been a sight walking out to the car in just his jacket, diaper, shoes and socks!
The twins have started to look different to me. Sam has a broader face and forehead and his hairline sweeps to one side. Aaron’s face is thinner and he has a small widow’s peak.
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