Day 3

Sam, Wider Forehead and Side Part

It’s my third and last day at the hospital and I’m using it for all it’s worth.

Last night I didn’t get much sleep. The nursery opened at 10:30 so I fed the twins up as well as I could before passing them off. My nurse said my pain meds would arrive soon so waited around for them and next thing you know it was 11:30. I laid down to sleep, the twins were brought back at 1am for another feed. It took an hour, I was trying to tandem feed with the infant formula feeders. It’s hard enough to get them positioned on either side and latched on but add a hanging bag of formula taped to my breast with a feeder tube that has to be inserted in the mouth at the same time is impossible.

Aaron, Smaller Forehead and Widow's Peak

By 2am the were done, but back again at 4am for another feed.

Adam took Jack and Ben to Jack’s baseball game this morning. He asked if he wanted them to come by, but I decided to enjoy the peace and quiet of the hospital on my own. Plus, Jack has a birthday party this afternoon and I think it’s too much activity for them to cover in one day.

All this free time has given me an opportunity to read. I am reading a book which was recommended to me by Elissa called, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. It’s almost foreign for me to be able to sit around and read without distraction. I miss it terribly.

In the end the boys came over for a quick dinner and snuggle with the babies. I was glad to see them. If they didn’t come, we would have missed this sweet moment…

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1 thought on “Day 3

  1. Wow. The babies look so alert! I’m glad you have made time to blog (and read). I read that book as well. It’s great and emotional too. Nice combo for your extra hormones :o) The feeder sounds complicated. I hope tandem feedings work out for you. Maybe Cathy could give you some helpful info. I’ll be thinking of you for your at home transition. Love the distinguishing features that you have made to tell them apart. PS> I”m sending you an email with an update on us. Much love to the Calisoffs.

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