Family Grounds

Last weekend we went to a birthday party at Family Grounds. When it first opened we went a few times with my friend Pam but it dropped off our rotation and I had forgotten about it until the birthday party.

When I went to visit it again, it seemed smaller than I remembered. Ironically now that I’m so pregnant I looked at this as a bonus. I could sit down in one spot and see my kids no matter where they were playing.

Family Grounds

I went again with my friend Sarah this morning. Not only did one of the staff members stop in to read books to the kids, but another staff member played a guitar and sang some songs. I’ve never seen live music including in the admission price for any pay to play space, which made it quite special.

They also have a cafe attached. You can bring your cafe bought coffee right into the playroom to drink while watching your kids. We didn’t try the food, but I could have easily gotten a sandwich for lunch before leaving. Another nice touch.

This morning it was not too crowded, never more than 15 kids in the room. I booked a reservation for the 9-11 slot, but I probably could have easily just walked in and paid. At 11am, they didn’t kick us out. We stayed until about 11:30.

You can become a member, but for individual visits, it’s $6 for adults and kids.

I’m going to have to remember this place when the twins start walking as well. I’ll need to frequent smaller spaces or get eyes on the back of my head!

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