Passover Seder

Emma as One of the 10 Plagues (Locust)

Passover is traditionally Bubbie’s holiday, but this year Bubbie was in Los Angeles celebrating with her daughter and kids.

Which freed us up to spend the evening with the Bornsteins. They have a daughter around Jack’s age and twins a little younger than Ben.

They are a very helpful couple for telling us what to watch out for in the future with twins.  For example, your mini van is much bigger than your last car so do not to side swipe it when you are driving it in a state of utter exhaustion.

They put out a huge effort for the occasion. Not only did they host but they got passover games, masks and puppets for the kids.

Joseph our Master of Ceremonies

The kids managed to sit though the entire ceremony, thanks in large part to Joseph’s mix of speed reading and ability to keep the kids involved in the event.

The kids ate a surprising variety of stuff they don’t normally eat, especially Ben who took an entire potato latke and mashed it into his mouth one bite at a time.

Shortly after dinner, with their bellies full, all the kids started a screaming, full speed run up and down the hallway. Amazing how a full belly can make kids silly. And that was before the macaroon and chocolate cake dessert.

Over all it was a huge success and I was glad to see that even if Bubbie can’t host it, we still have friends that can help make this occasion special for our kids.

Apple Sauce and Yarmulkas

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