A Shanghai Surprise

Emma and I (circa 2005)

Monday I received an email on my old email address, the one I had before I got married. It has me so excited I could barely contain myself.

My good friend Emma, who I met in Shanghai, was in Chicago for a meeting and could she stop by for a visit Wednesday night?

Yes please!

I was introduced to Emma through my gay ex-boyfriend, Stan. Actually, Stan introduced me to Emma’s fiancee at the time, Alan. Through Alan I met Emma. I ended up much better friends with Emma.

Our friendship outlasted many things, including her marriage. When I first moved to Chicago we continued to meet up. First in Jackson Hole. She also came to Chicago. She flew to Marco Island, Florida to witness Adam and I get married. Her signature is on our ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) as a witness.

Shortly after the wedding she made a very tough decision on her life. After waiting over a decade to have children with her husband at the time, she found herself divorced and childless. She was in her late 30s. Her ex-husband has ruined her dreams of a happy marriage, but she didn’t want him to ruin her dreams of children too. She contacted a sperm bank in California. Now she has two beautiful girls around the same age as Jack and Ben.

There is nothing greater than a good friend who ends up having kids the same age as your kids. I am hopeful we can start to meet up again around the globe at some point. I think the twins will keep us from travel in the next few years but eventually meeting up with same age kids will be easy and natural.

I don’t know what is wrong with me lately but I forgot to snap a picture AGAIN! So, I’ve included an old one of us.

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