South Lakeview Park

South Lakeview Park

Also called the “Blue Playground”, this is another little gem introduced to me by my friend Jennifer that I never would have found without her. She does have an advantage – her husband works for the park district!

Chicago is so great about keeping their parks clean and new. This park has the new soft surface (as oppose to the older wood chip ground cover) so critical for parents with kids who are at the age where they put everything in their mouth.

Picnic Lunch with the Camerons and Bornsteins

There are three different play structures, two swing sets, a couple of picnic tables, a gazebo and some park benches. Also a basketball net for older kids, or a place for younger kids to bring things like bikes and scooters. There is also a big, long maze-like hedge that Jack and Ben love to run in.

No bathrooms, but plenty of free parking.

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