The Secret to Defying Gravity

The Belly Band

It took me three pregnancies to figure it out. How to keep your pants up. Essentially what us pregnant ladies are trying to do every day is defy gravity. They have all different kinds of pants for this. Maternity stores will sell low waisted pants with a wrap around stretchy band in the place of a button or pants that have a stretchy material that pulls over your belly. Because I’m carrying so low (and high!) this time around, the low waisted bands are so low that I’m practically exposing myself. The pants with stretchy material will pull over my belly, then slowly stretch out over the course of the day and fall down, bringing the pants with it.

Enter the Belly Band. Perhaps since it is advertised as something you use to extend the life of your regular clothes or to help you get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes quicker, I never thought to use it the entire pregnancy, even with pregnancy clothes. But it really works! I haven’t been hiking my pants up every 10 minutes like the last two pregnancies. Nor have I had the exposed butt crack problem…

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