Pregnancy Update – 31 Weeks

31 Weeks

Last week I dreamed we had the babies. It all happened so fast that I went to the hospital and gave birth before I could inform Adam. Then they released me and I was standing in front of the hospital with a kid in each arm calling Adam to pick me up. Over the phone he was upset because we didn’t even have the car seats yet.

The next morning I told Adam about the dream. His first question was, “What was the sex of the babies?”

Two boys,” I replied.

When Adam heard he said, “Oh no!”

When we were pregnant with Jack, Adam guessed it was a girl. I dreamed it was a boy.

When we were pregnant with Ben, Adam guessed it was a girl. I dreamed it was a boy.

Now Adam is guessing it’s a girl and a boy. And I just had a dream that it’s two boys.

It’s quite possible that every time, regardless of gender, I dream I’m having boys. Or a could have some sort of intuition. I guess only time will tell!

Oddly, the next day, the car seats that Adam had been pushing me to buy online arrived on our doorstep. So I know at least that part of the dream isn’t coming true!

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