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I must have looked very tired and uncomfortable when I saw my friend Hedy on Monday night because the very next day, out of the blue, I received a Gift Certificate from Exhale Spa.

It was from both Hedy and another girlfriend I met through her, Elissa.

It was one of those complete random acts of kindness. It was not my birthday or any other holiday. I did not just give birth, find out I was pregnant, or suffer from any sort of trauma where one might consider giving a gift.

For some reason, they just wanted to make me feel special. And you know what? It worked.

I worked the gift for all it was worth. Adam wanted me to cab it both ways but I left early and took the subway. Part of the fun of getting out of the house and away from the kids is feeling the city around you. I wanted to walk on the streets, peer into the bars and restaurants, eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

The pre-natal massage was one where you lay on your side with a big pillow to snuggle (as oppose to the table with the hole in it for your belly). I actually found it more comfortable this way this time. My masseuse, Amanda, used just the right amount of pressure. As a surprise bonus, the table was actually heated when I laid down. It was all over way too soon!

After all that walking, I did decide it would be best to cab it home. I’m really getting big and uncomfortable. When I stand and walk, I can feel a lot more pressure then I ever did with my other pregnancies.

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